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Release Year: 2020
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"Oh Fuck", chimes Livia, her face flushing, hand clasping to her mouth to try and stop the expletive but it has already escaped. Wiggling on the floor, her body squirms with pleasure, her friend's fingers buried into her vagina. Livia is having one of the best afternoons of her life. With a moan and a shake all illusions of composure vanish, her casual arm flying from behind her neck, hiding her soft armpit hair to grasp onto to Yara's hands as she orgasms. "I hurt myself!" exclaims Yara, letting her friend Livia's caring hands place a plaster over her grazed knees before snuggling against Livia's shoulder for comfort and love. As Yara's head nestles into Livia, her long top lifts up, exposing her round buttocks in cotton underwear and as Yara starts to get playful, sucking on Livia's fingers, the mood starts to change. Yara and Livia are friends in real life but there is somewhere their friendship has never been before! With a shared look their heads twist till they are kissing, Yara's hands gently stroking across Livia's top, feeling the intimate shapes below. Hungrily they kiss, layers coming off to expose breasts and naked backs, Yara lying Livia back onto the sofa as she humps the flesh of her thigh. Placing her glasses to the side, Yara gently bends Livia's knees up onto her chest, sliding her panties over her feet, gazing upon the neat anus and vulva. Kissing from her chest down to the dark full bush, then back along her pale thighs, Yara teases out the moment but at last rubs the exposed clitoris of her friend and places her skilled mouth upon it!

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