TwinkTop – Top Tryout – Jack and Rick 1080p

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Release Year: 2021
Studio: TwinkTop
Cast: Jack Andram, Coach Rick
Genres: Anal, Bareback, Gay, Oral, Porn

Jack wanders slowly toward his locker in the darkened school hallways. He stayed late to finish some makeup work, and the setting sun is now glaring off the polished floors through the glass doors at the end of the hall. His locker is in a little alcove off the main corridor and as he steps into the shadowed area to put his books away, he hears the squeak of a door opening. The sound is followed by the deep chuckle of a man and a lighter, hushed voice of a classmate he recognizes. Curious about the clandestine nature of the pair’s interaction, Jack peeks around the corner to see Coach Rick and a boy from one of Jack’s classes. Cameron? Jack thinks. That hall leads to the gym past the boy’s locker room. Jack’s breath catches in his throat when he sees Cameron grip the coach’s ass roughly with one hand and his face with the other to pull the man down into an assertive kiss before pushing him back with a grin. Coach Rick leans forward, obviously wanting more, but Cameron takes a step back and turns to walk toward Jack with a grin. Jack steps deeper into the shadows, staying perfectly still as Cameron leaves. When Jack can breathe again, he peeks from his hiding place to make sure the coast is clear. As he walks home, his mind is clouded by erotic daydreams. He had always looked up to Coach Rick. A lot of boys did. He’d be lying if he said he hadn’t jerked off to the thought of the muscle man naked. Imagining him being dominated by a tiny twink like himself gets his cock so hard he has to swing his backpack to the front to cover it as he walks down the street. Maybe if I tried out for the team… Jack thinks. It was beyond unorthodox, but Jack decides he’ll show up at Coach Rick’s house over the weekend and ask. It could only go one of two ways. Either he’d be invited in, or he wouldn’t. But Jack suspects this is yet another jock just wanting a big-dicked twink to tear up the pitch. Coach Rick is surprised to see a student when he answers the knock at his door. It’s not unusual for him to see his players outside of school, but he doesn’t recognize the twink wearing the school uniform. When Jack says he wants to join the team and that he played when he was younger, Coach Rick thinks it’s the perfect opportunity to see what the twink can bring. He tells the boy to take off his shirt. Jack is tall and lean, and looks like he either stays pretty active or has one of those enviable high metabolisms. Either way, the boy fills out his shorts considerably well, and Coach Rick finds his mind wandering as he gets Jack to do a few pushups. There’s something about the way the boy looks into his eyes as Coach Rick holds Jack’s feet for a few crunches. On the last sit up, Jack lingers briefly with his face just inches from Coach Rick’s. And when Jack stands, his bulging groin is in Coach Rick’s face. “Wow,” Coach says. “Looks like you want to do more than just be part of the team.” He reaches out and squeezes the boy’s hard cock through the fabric. Jack steps closer with his hips forward and Coach Rick takes the cue. He pulls the twink’s shorts and underwear down and Jack’s fat cock swings toward the coach’s face. Knowing there’s no way he can handle that much meat in his mouth, Coach Rick uses his hand to stroke Jack’s cock while he sucks, but his eagerness gets the better of him and as he tries to go deeper, he gags on the boy’s pole. Jack is shocked how easy it was. Looking down at Coach Rick, Jack sees the man’s wide, muscular shoulders framing a face he had only ever imagined would look up at him with his jaw stretched by Jack’s cock. The man’s big, baby blue eyes are beginning to water from the effort—and Jack likes seeing him this way. “Let’s see if you know how to use it,” Coach says and turns away with a tent in his shorts. Jack’s cock jumps at the idea, and the man strips and bends over the back of the couch. I can’t believe this is actually happening! Jack thinks, but he squats and begins rimming the man’s smooth, round bubblebutt. The man’s hole feels so tight against his tongue and fingertips, and the way Coach’s balls and wide cock hang as he presents his hole to Jack makes the twink’s mouth water. Jack stands and presses his impressive boner against the man’s pink pucker, sliding in slowly. The man’s hole is the tightest thing Jack has ever felt on his cock! The muscles of Coach Rick’s back and shoulders are tense. It’s clear he wants it, but Jack’s cock is thickest near the base so the deeper Jack goes the more the man’s hole stretches. Jack slaps Coach Rick’s ass and has him flip over so he can see the effect his cock is having on the man’s face. Wearing nothing but socks and his whistle, Coach Rick throws his legs in the air so Jack can punch his prostate. Jack finally gets a good look at Coach’s cock and sees it’s almost as big as his! With Coach buckled nearly in half, Jack has a perfect view of his own cock sliding deep into the big guy’s hole, Coach’s impressive package, and the man’s handsome face all at once. Coach Rick has already made up his mind about the boy joining the team. The little guy sure knows how to fuck! Coach Rick has to stop touching himself so he doesn’t cum too . Even though Jack is hitting his pleasure button spot on, Coach gets his pleasure seeing the twink satisfy himself inside his hole. So he clenches down on the boy’s big dick with his sphincter, making Jack gasp. The wet sounds of Jack’s groin slapping against the coach’s ass competes with the grunting and moaning of Coach Rick getting his hole speared by the big twink dick. Coach Rick’s thick pecs bounce as Jack pounds harder and deeper into his ass. Jack gets coach to flip on all fours to fuck him doggystyle and the man’s ass cheeks bounce with every thrust. For such a small guy, Jack humps Coach Rick’s ass harder than he’s ever been ridden. Even by guys three times the twink’s size. Jack’s pace is frantic and it’s clear he’s getting close to cumming. Coach wants to see Jack unload on him and he flips to his back when Jack pulls out. Jack stands over him pulling on a big, red cock that looks hard enough to break through a wall and soon unleashes a big puddle of cum all over Coach Rick’s cobblestone abs. “You’ve got a spot on the team if you want it,” Coach Rick says, looking up at the boy approvingly. “Maybe I just want to fuck your tight jock hole from time to time,” Jack responds, meeting then man’s gaze with a raised eyebrow. “Drop by anytime,” Coach says to the little twink and licks the fingers he trailed through the huge load of cum on his stomach. “We’ll see,” Jack says.

Format: mp4
Duration: 17:24
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Audio: 156kbps

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