TwinkTop – Austin Young & Bishop Angus

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Release Year: 2020
Studio: TwinkTop
Cast: Austin Young, Bishop Angus
Genres: Anal, Older, Younger, Oral, Rimming, Twink

Coach Angus has always enjoyed Austin’s can-do attitude. The young man is eager to try new things and test his limits, but has always been in the bottom role when it comes to sex. Coach Angus didn’t think much of it until Austin mentioned he’d want to give topping a try. The older man was impressed, happy to see his horny boy ready to step out of his comfort zone and experience sex as a top! Coach Angus got a special thrill thinking of the smaller, leaner, smoother boy fucking his big, muscular, furry daddy ass. He knew he’d need some guidance. But after all, what are coaches for? Stripping Austin down to his underwear, he began the boy’s training, getting him good and hard by taking Austin’s smooth cock to the back of his throat. Austin moans as he feels the soft beard of his older coach caress his body each time it bobs up and down. Angus’ tongue lapping at his hard shaft makes him all the more excited, curious if his hole would feel the same. Coach Angus lies on his back, lifting his hefty legs in the air to give Austin a view of his big, meaty ass. Austin’s instructed to get it wet, prompting the boy to get down and lick his hairy hole with his tongue. He does as his coach says, holding his big cheeks apart to allow the boy to savor his tight sphincter! Austin teases Angus’ hole with his finger, feeling his cock leak with anticipation for his first fuck as a top. Angus smiles, seeing the enthusiasm in the boy’s eyes. He invites him to press his cock between his glutes, instructing him to slowly and gently ease his way inside. Austin knows what it’s like to take a big cock, taking his time to make sure Angus’s hole is relaxed. The seasoned daddy’s ass swallows up Austin’s hard cock without hesitation, feeling it fill his hungry cavity as Austin’s grows wider from the sensation. Feeling his cock wrapped in the hot muscles of his hairy daddy bear, Austin feels a switch flip in his brain, telling him to thrust his hips and slide his cock back and forth. Coach Angus can see the boy is a natural, barely needing to speak up as he gets pounded deep by his young protege. Angus lies back and watches with pride as Austin begins to breed his hole, enjoying the pleasures of a horny top ready to burst!

Format: mp4
Duration: 18:45
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 4840kbps
Audio: 160kbps

File size: 687.7 MB

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