Tightly Gagged & Tied Tax Collector

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Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
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I really hate this new job, I always feel like the bad guy having to go around and collect money from those with past due tax accounts. It's really not my personality, outside of work I swear I'm really sweet and friendly. But hey, a job is just a job, and those can be hard to come by these days. Today my first meeting of the morning is with a man whom I've met with on a previous occasion to come to a settlement on his account. He agreed to send us a check with the settled amount by a certain date, but we didn't receive it. After several collection letters, we sent a notice that we would be coming to his home today to discuss this matter. I arrive and he immediately recognizes me when he open the door. "You should have been expecting me" I say, as he invites me in. Indeed he was. I start to question him about the money, and he tells me that he has it and just has to go grab his checkbook from the back room. I'm shocked but glad he will make my job easy this morning, I have a lot of other meetings to deal with today. He offers me something to drink, I ask for water, and he returns with glass before leaving to go get the check. I startto drink the water, I'm really thirsty from all the coffee I drank earlier! All of a sudden I start yawning and feeling really sleepy. That's odd, I should have plenty of energy still from the caffeine. But my eyes grow so heavy that I can't control it, and I fade out on the couch, empty glass still in hand..

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