Sydney Hale – Pantyhose, lingerie and a frog tie

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Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

I came out in my sassiest outfit begging my guy to tie me up. I was feeling extra super saucy and just needed to be the center of attention. Doing my best to give him my sexiest poses I waited patiently as he figured out how we was going to contain me. Because I most certainly needed to be contained and restrained...I started getting really handsy so that was the first thing my guy took away from me, my ability to grab and touch and him. Followed by my upper arms, XXXX me to try and have proper posture. Wanting and needing to be restrained quickly he brought out the new nylon upper body harness. Securing my arms to my body and giving me a pleasurable crotch strap. I was still being sassy and running around, since I still had use of my legs. My guy had to catch me first before making me submit to him on my knees. Making me spread my legs he tied each leg securely in a frog tie. But I didn't have any hopping capabilities to get away and sass him more. made to stay on my knees and plead through my drool and the 2" ball gag that was XXXX into my mouth. Boy did I try and plead through every eyelash that I could flutter. But I got nothing, just XXXX to lay down face into the floor. I wiggled and fought every restraint. But it wasn't budging. But I did ask for it in the end, so I really can't complain...

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