Sydney Hale – Pantyhose Encasement!

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Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
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Pantyhose. Sometimes they are comfy, and sometimes they are tight and itchy. And when you wear multiple pair in a pantyhose encasement you seem to get a variety of that. And that's exactly what happened in this situation. I had a pair of black pantyhose on my legs, they were very tight and then I had a second pair on like shorts and another pair being worn as a shirt. But my guy loves pantyhose, so that's what I wore. I continued to be incased but instead of pantyhose the black leather arm binder was put on. Having my hands in the panty hose and then in the arm binder didn't make for a comfortable situation. Instead of playing with rope my guy decided to restrain me in the black nylon strapped body harness. I was very secure but feeling sexy all at the same time. That feeling sexy lasted as long as it took my guy to put another pair of pantyhose over my head, squishing my face. He grabbed the pantyhose around my lips and tore them apart, creating an opening for my mouth. I thought he was being nice. Nope, not being nice. He added the harness ball gag, and that little red ball fit snuggly in that rip at my mouth. Once you're fully encased from head to toe there isn't much else you can do but to submit.

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