Surprise Intruder

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Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

I just got home after a late night at the office. I can't wait to take off my heels and pantyhose and take a long hot bubble bath. When I get home I notice I forgot to lock the door again, I really need to stop rushing so much in the mornings. I sit on the couch to relax before making my bath. Then out of nowhere from behind I am grabbed and ball gagged! I am so frightened! I beg and plead with him not to hurt me as he ties my arms up over my head, as well as my ankles and feet. He strips me from my dress, leaving me exposed in only my pantyhose. I struggle and try to get free while he is busy looking for valuables, but I just can't get loose. Now he returns with my hair brush, and I don't even wan't to know what he is planning to do with it! He starts spanking me so hard with my brush, the stinging almost bringing me tears. As if it didn't hurt enough, he pulls down my pantyhose and uses it on my bare behind as I try to scream in pain, but the ball gag is so tight. Now he has robbed the place and had his way with me, thankfully he left without taking me with him! But who knows I will be stuck here until someone finds me! All I can do is keep trying to break free of my ropes..

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