Spa Day Keira Croft HD

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Release Year: 2021

"Intense" is how her friends describe Keira. Her best friend wanted to give her a makeover, but first she sent Keira for a spa day.
The tea was so delicious. So delicious that she barely remembers what happened next. Keira was told to take her clothes off before a stranger and brought to another room.
There was no massage table. She was first hogtied and gagged on the floor. O.T. also used ropes to tied her toes and attach it to her hair. Keria had to push her head up to ease the pain.
Then she was tied on a crucifix with her gag, struggling and whipped by the O.T. In the third scene, Keira was hogtied by chains again, except this time her foot was connected to her butt plug. Next, her feet and hands were separately hung on the iron shelf and O.T. used a vibrator to make her come. In the next scene, she was in an iron cangue and unable to sit down for a rest. At last, she was immobilized on a metal rack with straps, unable to move and with a vibrator on her cunt.

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Duration: 1:17:11
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Audio: 124kbps

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