Shy and Curious – Hisztis’s Debut – Part 2 of 3

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Release Year: 2021

Dr Lomp loves to play with slave girls, as a cat enjoys a mouse. Before the shooting, in a private room, he has interrogated Hisztis about her sexual life, and now it is time to use the data he has got in a game. He will test if Nitta and Hisztis are really close friends. He will ask Nitta to give true answers about his Hisztis private life, and if she fails, her close friend Hisztis will be punished harshly on her back. Poor victim Hisztis has got nothing to do in her hand, except waiting silently and pleadingly looking into Nitta’s eyes for the right answers. This game is to be a real torment for desperate slave Hisztis, in physical and also in mental manner. Now it’s time to watch this lovely scene and see how Hisztis struggles under bull whipping.

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Duration: 10:55
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