Serene Isley – Bound in Her Catsuit, and Cleave Tape Gagged

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Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM
Video language: English

Serene gets her phone out and calls her mark letting him know that she knows all his secrets and that she is giving him one chance to do what she wants. She hangs up the phone and sits there to wait on the time to come and go. When it does she changes clothes from her dress into her high heeled boots and catsuit. With her outfit prepared she slinks out of the room and off to make her score. She slides her gloves on and leaves the room and when we see her next shes picking the lock on the back of a home and entering. She gets to the office where she intends to find the evidence she was looking for and suddenly while searching she hears a noise, she goes off to investigate which turns out to be bad for her as shes grabbed and bound. A man briefly appears to gag her shoving a cloth in her mouth before winding microfoam tape around her head. Shes left to struggle a bit on the desk and proves to be a bit too mobile and after another cut shes hogtied on the floor. She rotates struggles and strains against the tight rope as she tries desperately to free herself unsure of what is to come next for her if she cant.

Format: mp4
Duration: 20:31
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Audio: 187kbps

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