Scout Boys – Ian Levine and Bishop Angus

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Release Year: 2021
Studio: Scout Boys
Cast: Ian Levine, Bishop Angus
Genres: anal, bareback, gay, kissing, oral, porn

It was wonderful to be alone with him in the tent. It was our little secret, and knowing we were gonna be together all night was an incredibly sexy thought. I wondered how many times we were we gonna fuck, how regularly I could make the little man shoot his load. Above anything else, I loved that we had to keep our voices down. I got his shorts off, got myself naked and stuck my tongue in his ass, just to get it a little wet. That, and a bit of pre-cum is actually all he needs to be fucked, which is a beautiful thing. I got him on all fours, still in that sexy jock of his, and started to push myself in. We fit together almost perfectly. He is so, so tight, and his ass feels like it grips on me. He squatted over me, and started to thrust his body weight down onto my dick. I got my hands onto his upper thighs and started to pull him down even harder onto me. You could tell he was in a little bit of discomfort but a good scout never gives in! I was proud of him. He took it harder and harder. I got to that stage where I just wanted to bang my load into him and spent what felt like forever trying not to cum. I got him back on all fours, knelt behind him and started plowing my dick into him with deep, long strokes. Then I pushed him down and really got in there. The feeling was intense and I knew I had to blow.

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Duration: 21:34
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Audio: 156kbps

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