Rhys Sachett – That Tattoo Guy

Written by Admin on September 6, 2019. Posted in Gay Unusual

Release Year: 2019
Genres: Bareback Porn
Video language: English

This guy is handsome, hot, sexy, humpy. He knows you find him hot, he wants you to find him hot.

He is straight - but they all are (I know this one is, because I left the clips out of him banging the ladies). But he does things that gay guys like - like fingering his hole while being massaged, jerking off while being massaged, looking you straight in the eye knowing it is getting you all hot and bothered..

He knows you want to see him toy with you, toy with himself, and, indeed, use the toys on himself.

Then there are the two shower scenes, with him and his mates having a laugh while using the butt plugs (on themselves, of course). Nothing "gay" about that, is there, lads!

He also strokes in his chair, watching porn. Every sweaty sinew of him on display for you. At one point, even another mate joins him.

Total size: 3.4 GB in 11 files.

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