Rachel’s Sentence – Rachel

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Release Year: 2019
Genres: business attire, Crying, outdoors, pantyhose, spread eagle, whipped
Video language: English

A new Law in Rachel's state allows for her, as a non-violent criminal, to pay a hefty fine and endure Corporal Punishment instead of facing jail time. This saves the taxpayers money, and by making it a pay-per-view event, the state actually makes money. Due to security issues the event takes place at a non-disclosed location on state land. Rachel's sentence is 25 lashes from a heavy leather strap. She is to be face down and ass up. Being that Rachel's event is the first of it's kind and in a trial period, a wooden table has been cobbled together with a raised bar in the middle to keep Rachel's hips raised. She is brought in and seated in the same clothes she wore to court. She is asked a series of questions and it seems that she thinks the punishment will be easier if she is bound and gagged. She is ordered to strip out of her blouse and skirt and climb up onto the table. The Punisher then binds her wrists and ankles to the 4 table legs. Her waist is tied to the raised bar. The first 15 lashes will be over her hose and panties and the last 10 will be bare ass. The Punisher commences strapping Rachel's ass. He pauses in between so Rachel can process each one, and to lengthen the process. It's not long before Rachel is sobbing. Tears and snot roll down her face. The Punisher is stern, but asks periodically if she's OK and if she wants to continue. She does not want jail time and presses on. After the 25 lashes have been administered, The Punisher starts to untie Rachel, and this is where the clip ends.

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