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Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage, torture
Video language: English

In this video, Dart connects our friend Rachel Greyhound to a new patient monitor which he had just purchased on E-bay. This high-tech device monitors the heart, flow, brain activity and a bunch of other stuff that I don't understand. I don't think Dart understands it either, but as I said, anything that has wires and hoses and connects to the body works for him.
Once Greyhound was all wired up, Strap Wizard restrains her in an old metal bondage chair (known as the Academy Chair) using Humane Restraint straps and cuffs. This chair was used years ago in gay BDSM films, and I always knew it was floating around somewhere. As luck would have it the chair showed up on Ebay in Pennsylvania, and I immediately bought it. The only problem was that it weighed around 300 pounds so transporting it to San Francisco wasn't easy. If you want to see more pictures of the four past Academy Chairs do a Google image search for 'Academy Bondage Chair'. Anyway, Strap Wizard did a good job restraining Greyhound in the chair, and when he was finished poor Greyhound looked like something out of a science fiction movie.

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Duration: 24:39
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Audio: 309kbps

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