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Release Year: 2020
Genres: Bareback
Video language: English

Hank is on the bench, hurling torrents of piss from his uncut monster cock into his mouth. The other men follow suit and drench his very happy mouth and ass. Hank then gets a damn good pounding from Shay and Logan in the sling. Miles loves to be fucked and wailed on, and he has his eye on Shay's muscle and cock the whole time until he finally can't contain his hunger, so he boots Hank out of the sling and hops in. Shay immediately takes the bait and starts pounding Miles's hungry hole. At one point, Shay grabs Miles's throat, notices RWB3s Miles immediate smile and the happy gleam in his eye, and pegs him for a beat boy. When Shay punches Miles's pecs and their eyes connect, Miles screams, YEAH, FUCK YEAH! and the entire energy of the scene changes in that split second. Shay knows he can beat on Miles and fuck him as hard as possible, with no limits. Miles is in heaven, having his hold pounded, face slapped and chest pummeled on. After Shay pounds the living fuck out of Miles, he turns him over to Logan and his huge, dripping, uncut cock while Shay gets a strangle hold on his throat and pounds the hell out of his chest. Logan starts wailing on Miles's chest as Devan cools his chest down with a nice load of piss. Shay holds Miles's mouth open while Leon fills it with a huge piss load. Then Logan starts to pound Miles's hole mercilessly as rivers of piss pour from the bottom of the sling. Shay yanks Miles out of the sling and turns him over, chest down on the sling, as he kicks his legs apart. Shey shoves his uber hard cock into Miles's already abused hole and fucks him hard, while delivering blows to his back, all of which Miles loves, of course. Shay once again turns Miles's ass over to Logan so he can focus on pounding his back. Everyone joins in and wails on Miles while Logan puts his huge cock to good use, destroying Miles's hole. As Logan has Miles by the hair, Shay yanks one of the leather stirrups off the sling and shows it to Miles, threatening to wail on his ass. Miles's eyes immediately light up and he screams, FUCK YEAH! Now Shay is one huge muscle man who packs a hell of a wallop, and he spares no effort when beating Miles's ass with the unforgiving, heavy leather stirrup. The scene is hard core, rough, and made my fuckin' cock drip buckets of precum. When Miles's ass is just short of and you think he can't take any more, Shay asks him if he wants more and Miles says yes. Shay delivers two more rounds of hard, unforgiving belting, which Miles takes like a champ. Shay tenderly checks in with Miles, kisses and licks him, and makes sure his boy is OK before pushing him down to the floor and pissing on him to lessen the sting. Shay turns Miles's ass over to Logan for a nice, long fuck that culminates in a huge spray of cum that Logan pushes deep into Miles's guts.

Format: mp4
Duration: 31:45
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2769kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 675.5 MB

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