Naked House Slaves Hogtied and Harness Gagged by Redhead Mistress

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Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Their chores were completed with the usual grace and efficiency. But their Mistress, Ruth, still had paperwork to do. If there is something Mistress can't have, it's idle slaves. They tend to get into trouble, most times on purpose, just to receive punishment. Ruth needed to keep her kept kittens quiet, confined, out of her hair, but still under her observation. Sandra and Ariel are nude, as is required at home. They are on the floor, each straddling a leg of Ruth's glass and steel desk. The cold metal pressing deep into their pussy lips and held tightly in place by a cruel, cross-legged hogtie. Their arms are trussed tightly behind them in an all-together wrist, elbow, shoulder tie. Facing the floor, they can't prevent the tiny amounts of saliva from escaping from around the balls of their strict harness gags. But even that extreme level of restraint is not enough to keep the captives from distracting Ruth. The pretty playthings' heads must be immobilized. Ruth adds a length of rope to the ring atop each of the girls' heads, stretching their heads back and tethering them to the desk leg behind them. Strictly facing forward, necks craning, the slaves are completely secure. The only activities they are allowed at the moment are whimpering and embarrassment as vast amounts of drool erupt from their immobilized mouths. Ruth finally has some peace and can get back to business...

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