My wife needs cum pt3

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Release Year: 2020
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Today I had a big strong guy come over to my hotel room for some fun. I told him we were just going to do a blow job or hand job video since it was our first date together but things quickly got out of hand and it ended up turning into a creampie video. I had a lot of fun with my new friend because he really enjoyed eating my pussy and he licked me so good and got me so wet and excited that when he stuck his cock inside me without a condom I didn't stop him. But first I sucked on his cock and got him excited and then he put me on my back and he ate my pussy out for a long time before we started fucking. But the room was so hot, its Arizona and its summer time, that we couldn't cool down and relax so I had Tommy turn off the lights so it wasn't so hot in the room and then I had Tommy put the video camera on a tripod and leave the room so my friend and I could relax and have some alone time together. I tend to get into a little more trouble with Tommy when I'm alone with a guy because I get so turned on that I let things get out of hand and today was no different. As soon as Tommy left the room and the lights were off I let my new friend slide his cock inside me without a condom so he could get excited again and feel my pussy for a second but his cock felt so good inside me and I didn't want him to stop fucking me so I let him keep going. First he fucked me while he was on top then he wanted to fuck me from behind so I got on all fours and let him fuck me from behind and next thing I know Tommy walks back into the room to see how everything is going and at the exact same time my new friend shoots him hot cum deep inside me. I was so turned on having his cum inside me but at the same time I was freaking out because I thought Tommy was going to be so pissed at me for doing that without him in the room but luckily for me he wasn't mad at all. He actually loved it! He likes it when I'm being a dirty little slut behind his back. After we were done I said my goodbyes to my new friend and Tommy and I went out to eat dinner. I didn't shower or change so the entire time we were at the restaurant I didn't have my panties on and I had another mans load of cum sticking to my leg. I had a lot of fun being dirty today and I cant wait to see who's going to give me my next load of cum!

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