Mizz Shutters – Impressing the Boss

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Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Mizz Shutters had a meeting with Mr. Big Boss and she wanted to make sure to leave a positive impression with him. Even though Mizz Shutters had visited Mr. Big Boss a few times in his office already it wasn’t as much as she would have liked. Some of the secretaries were being asked into Mr. Big Boss’s office every week and Mizz Shutters wanted to be one of those secretaries. That is why she needed to impress him during their encounter. She knew he had a thing for legs, so she wore a tight latex mini skirt and strappy heels that would accentuate her toned, tanned legs. Mr. Big Boss started the meeting like all the others. He bound her arms tightly behind her back but instead of using rope he used a shiny leather arm binder. Next he gagged her with a ring gag 8 buckle bishop leather gag. He was kind enough to leave the panel open as he applied leather cuffs to her ankles and then hobbled them. Mr. Big Boss directed her to walk back and forth for a few laps before he buckled the panel to her gag and left her to struggle. He reminded her that the security cameras were watching and that she was to put on a good show while he was away from the office. Mizz Shutters struggled around the office showing off her fit legs and bound body. When Mr. Big Boss returned he switched her ring gag bishop gag out for a ball gag bishop gag. Being a busy man around the office, Mr. Big Boss had to excuse himself once more. MizzShutters was disappointed that Mr. Big Boss wasn’t there to watch her struggle but she made sure he would have something very entertaining to watch during his down time.

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