Mario Fucks Josh

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Release Year: 2022
Cast: Josh ,Mario
Genres: Bareback , Gay Porn
Video language: English

I don't think Mario regrets in the least his decision to give some guy/guy action a shot! The sounds we've heard him make during his first couple experiences with a guy made it pretty clear he was enjoying it thoroughly, feeling good, and having himself a blast! Mario arrived at CF knowing that if a guy is going to make some good money filming videos, he'd have to have some fun with a guy sooner or later! Thankfully, he chose sooner rather than later and we've been treated to some hot action since! Here, he's back for some more hot guy-on-guy action as he and Josh go at it! Both of these young studs look like they're having a whole lot of fun as the cameras get rolling and the action starts. They're kissing deeply and letting their tongues roam all over one another's bodies, while their hands also caress one another all over. Mario's hand is the first to reach for some cock as he slides it into Josh's pants, grips his dick, and starts to rub and stroke. Within seconds, he's pulled Josh's hard cock out from under his underwear and he's sucking on it. Mario eagerly swallows Josh's cock as well as slaps it against his own tongue. His cheeks bulge out as he moves the head around in his mouth, and soon Josh's dick is slick with spit as Mario works it over. "Pretty fucking good!", Josh can't help but say. Wanting to get Mario's dick between his own lips, Josh is soon pulling down Mario's pants and wrapping his lips around his cock, sucking on it for awhile before the two are again locked in some hot kissing. It's with Josh on his back, legs in the air, that the two then start to fuck. Mario wastes no time in starting to fuck Josh hard and fast, the whole bed shaking as they do it. They then move around so that Josh is bent over, his own hard cock aimed forward, with Mario fucking him from behind. As Mario pants with each thrust, Josh is moaning and gasping as he takes it. Still in this position, Josh bent over and braced against the bed, the two get closer and closer to cumming. Josh is the first to blow his load as he strokes his hard dick while Mario pumps his hole. "Harder! Harder!", Josh begs as he is about to shoot! Cum then starts to spray out of his cock and fly all over, Mario burying his dick as deep in Josh's hole as he can to pump every last bit of cum out of him. While Josh's load was sprayed all over the bed, Mario's goes right down Josh's throat and all over his tongue and chin. He jerks a big, thick load out of himself and Josh eagerly laps up every bit of it that he can before sucking on Mario's cock some more! Josh's mouth still fill of cum, the two kiss and share the taste as they lay back, both thoroughly spent and exhausted!

Format: mp4
Duration: 17:03
Video: 960x540, AVC (H.264), 1857kbps
Audio: 123kbps

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