Madalynn Raye – Tightly Cinched Hogtie on the Bed

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Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM
Video language: English

Madalynn gets home from a long day at work and plops down on her bed with a happy sigh to be home. Almost immediately she gets jumped on her bed and her wrists are roughly tied together while she struggles and fights to get the large man off her. She waves her high heeled feet in the air in a futile effort to dislodge her attacker. Failing in this effort her elbows end up tightly welded together her forearms cruelly XXXX together by the rope. Finally rope is put on to her ankles and her high heeled feet are pulled tightly together. Madalynn makes a final effort to propel herself off the bed but the man grabs her and finishes her ankle ropes. Finally a white cloth is pushed roughly into Madalynns mouth and held there till the man finds a roll of microfoam from his XXXX stash to wrap cruelly tight around her head to hold her mouth packing firmly in place. Confident that shes silent and mostly helpless the man gets to work putting Madalynn into a frogtie/hogtie and making sure her skirt stays good and high exposing her pantyhosed ass. As a finishing touch her arms are attached back to her feet making her a tightly held bundle. Madalynn is pulled off the bed after a bit of solo wiggling to kneel on the side of the bed in her hogtie as her captor torments her. Finally shes left to struggle in a kneeling position. Dislodging her shoes in the process hoping in vain that itll somehow help her to get free.

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