Lilith Displayed and Drooling

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Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

I recently made a few changes to my home. I installed a nice, steel hook into the ceiling so that I can make unsuspecting ladies feel "extra special" by putting them on display...whether they want to be or not! I decided to test it out by capturing and binding Lilith, and she was most unhappy with how secure and how uncomfortable it was! She was dragged in, wrists bound behind her, and then her arms were pulled high into the air and attached to the hook. Immediately, she began to feel the burn in her arms even when bending over as far as she could! She began drooling all over herself and her sexy black lingerie, stockings and garter ensemble, but nothing she could do was going to change what I had in mind for her! I added more and more rope, including a VERY tight crotch-rope that made her squeal and wince when it was pulled as deeply into her pussy as I could manage. Of course, I tied that off to the hook as well, causing her to raise onto her toes to try and ease the pain, but it didn't do any good! Her ankles and knees were lashed together and one more rope anchored her neck to her legs, ensuring she'd never be able to stand up even the slightest bit to ease her suffering. I was amazed at the amount of drool this cute little latina produced! Finally, I slipped a blindfold over her, plunging her into darkness and left her to endure her plight! Lilith was the first to experience the new display position, but she definitely won't be the last!.

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