Kristin birthday yesterday

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It was Kristin's 18th birthday yesterday. I shit you not. Now only her tits need to catch up with her age.At first even just showing me her bee stings is a chore. I tell her the producers don't like all this hesitation and if she wants to make $1000-$5000 per day she needs to start doing as told. Butter in my hands from then on. For a girl who claims to have fucked at least 50 (!) guys she's pretty awkward at it. (Yes. Fifty. She just turned 18....) When she demonstrates how she masturbates she looks like she's having a seizure in slow motion. Watching her suck cock isn't much better because she "usually doesn't do that". I should have figured out that anal isn't going to go over very well either when she admitted to a failed attempt in the past. Make that two failed attempts as of today. I cum in her mouth and make her suck the cum back in, and swallow it. This seems to not even phase 'em these days. Apparently this is now a requirement to graduate High School. If Kristin's intelligence level is representative of her generation, this skill is probably the only thing that'll keep them out of the poor house. Go wank.

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