Kevin – Tied to a table, gagged, CBT, sounding

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Release Year: 2020
Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

Kevin may act tough, but his sweat reveals how nervous he really is being strapped down naked at the mercy of a perverted gay man. The cock-raising scent of this masculine man only excites us more. He wriggles in anger feeling his glans being expertly licked and sucked so that he can't help his cock thickening. His penis is prepared by being clipped between chopsticks along with his big heavy ball sack. Kevin has no clue what is to be done with him. When Adrian takes a metal device to his small piss slit, Kevin goes wild moaning and writhing to feel his delicate hole stretched. Dave comes in to fix a Perspex ball crusher to his pink nuts. This stupid hetero can only stare in horror as his big fat daddy cock is manipulated by the wicked men. His shaft is clipped with pegs so that he's hyper-aware of every inch of his genitals. Kevin's ankles are tied back so his ripe fuckhole is exposed and vulnerable. Adrian takes his nasty power tool to screw this straight daddy's hole hard and deep. Kevin is totally overwhelmed as the men fuck him over relentlessly hard.
Big arrogant straight stud's like Kevin like to live the high life. Fancy suits and fast cars bought on credit. He has no way to pay for this flash lifestyle when his debts are due. The doctors are in to make this masculine fucker pay by performing a very unusual procedure on his body. Kevin is bound in the operating chair and disrobed from his suit. All that's left are his skimpy white designer pants. Dampen them slightly and it's like looking through a window at his tight hetero anus.

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