FunSizeBoys – Chapter 2 – Kai With Master Legrand

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Release Year: 2021
Studio: FunSizeBoys
Cast: Kai, Master Legrand
Genres: anal, bareback, gay, interracial, oral, porn

I was totally psyched when Dr. Wolf invited me back to his house. We met last week, when I went to see him at his surgery. I’ve always been a little self-conscious about my height. I’m only 5’3” and I guess I just wanted him to put my mind at rest and tell me that some nasty, incurable illness hadn’t stunted my growth. It turns out I’m just short... and, I guess you could say that the doctor helped me to realise that short can be sexy too. His methods, in fairness, were fairly unorthodox. I certainly wasn’t expecting to lose my virginity in his office that day, but the chemistry was intense and it felt right, and I left feeling six feet tall! I certainly hoped that he’d felt the same level of connection, but was really relieved when he called to say he’d been thinking about me quite a lot and wanted us to spend some proper time together. His house is really cool. It’s right out of town, in the middle of the woods, a good half an hour’s drive away. He spent ages showing me around. I couldn't believe how many rooms there were! There’s a hot tub in the garden! He got me a soda and we sat down to watch some telly. We were on this big, comfy couch and he reached out and put his arm around me. It felt real protective, somehow. Like he wanted me to feel safe. I guess he knows he can be a little intimidating. He’s unbelievably tall. In fact, everything about him dwarfs me. His hands must almost be twice the size of mine. He could snap me in two if he chose to, but instead he’s really gentle, and I find that unbelievably hot. I think he finds the size difference quite sexy as well... Before long, he’d stood me up and we were kissing each other. I had to get on my tiptoes just to reach his mouth and he was definitely squatting down!

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Duration: 28:33
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 4876kbps
Audio: 129kbps

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