Edu Freitas & Jonatas

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Release Year: 2021
Genres: Bareback
Video language: English

Edu Freitas rides a bicycle through the city, and decides to stop at a park to exercise a little, taking the attention of Jônatas who sits on the other side watching him with desire. Edu finishes his exercise and is going to pedal some more, meanwhile, Jônatas follows him. While Edu crosses the street, Jônatas keeps an eye on the boy who ends up losing his balance and falls off his bicycle, hurting his leg. Jônatas offers help to Edu by giving him water. While Edu his water, the liquid runs down his chest, wetting his healed belly making Jônatas crazy, without resisting the scene, he ends up running his hand over Edu's chest. The two look at each other and start kissing right there. Jônatas calls Edu to his home and he ends up accepting the invitation. Once there, Jônatas is worried about Edu's leg, and asks how he can help him in that state. Edu says he likes massage and asks if Jônatas knows how to do it. The boy doesn't think twice and says yes, offering to oil his leg. While Jônatas is massaging Edu's thigh, he ends up feeling the boy's hard cock and gets more horny. Edu loves what he is feeling and asks Jônatas if he likes what he is touching. Jônatas doesn't waste time and says yes, putting his mouth on the boy's member sucking with great desire, leaving Edu moaning with lust. Edu Freitas's delicious dick are pulsing in Jonathan's hot and soft mouth, which doesn't stop even for a minute to suck that delicious thick cock. Edu is impressed with Jônatas' ability to suck a dick in such a delicious way. Edu puts Jônatas on all fours in bed and makes a beautiful of a delicious cunete in the boy, leaving him delirious with lust rolling his eyes and rolling in his mouth. They both kiss and Jônatas back to suck Edu's cock, which this time is totally naked in front of him. Edu also sucks Jônatas' cock and then puts the boy on all fours in bed, this time to fuck his ass really hot. Jônatas is crazy with lust, feeling Edu's cock going in and out of his soft and hot ass. Edu delights in Jônatas' tail and wants nothing more than that right now.

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