Dru Fucks Brody

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Release Year: 2022
Cast: Brody ,Dru
Genres: Bareback , Gay Porn
Video language: English

Dru is the kind of guy who knows what he wants. And he wanted to fuck Brody. I knew the chemistry between these two lean-muscled studs would definitely cause an explosive reaction! Dru preps for some cock work and tells Brody to look at him as he gets his dick sucked. Eye contact during sex definitely adds another element to Dru's performance. Brody says it sounds good to him. In fact, he's stiff as a board by the time Dru gets his jeans off and milks Brody's cock with his mouth. Dru plays with Brody's balls, licks the shaft and jerks his cock, all the while keeping his mouth and tongue on Brody's dick. Running his hands up Brody's flat abs and tight chest, Dru sticks a finger in Brody's mouth for him to suck on. That only gets Brody ready to suck something thicker. Dru tells Brody exactly how he wants it. “Take it deep,” Dru says and Brody swallows his dick. “You like it when I fuck your mouth?” he asks. “Grab my ass hard, Brody and take it in deep in your mouth.” Nobody enjoys blow jobs like Dru! Brody sits on top of Dru, who teases that ass with his cock head. They lube each other up, and Brody inches his way down Dru's long dick. Dru moves up and down, his hips moving rhythmically. Brody's loving it, his boner stiff against his chiseled stomach. Dru thrusts up in him a little harder, holding on tight to Brody's shoulder and occasionally jerking his cock. Getting on all fours, Dru kisses Brody before teasing his asshole again with his cock. Dru tells him to “Push back on it. Come on, Brody, you've got a little bit more to take.” Pulling back Brody's head by his hair, Dru tells him he's going to fuck him even deeper now. It's an incredible sight - Brody's arched back, Dru slamming into him balls-deep. Brody takes every inch, grunting and moaning with excitement. Dru grabs his hair again, then his shoulder, to push his dick in Brody's ass as far as possible. And he doesn't let up! He only lets Brody rest for a moment, then gets back to drilling him hard and fast. He makes Brody lay flat, and thrusts in and out with harsh jerking motions. Brody's whole body spasms with pleasure. Gravity helps Dru get his big dick in even deeper, and Brody whimpers in ecstasy. Flipping Brody over on his back, Dru's balls slap hard against Brody's ass as he pounds him. Dru smiles and asks Brody, “You gonna come while I'm fucking you?” Brody can't take any more and his ripped abs get splashed with his own cum. Dru slams into him some more, then pulls out, and gives Brody's abs a second coat of white-hot paint. Dru rubs their cum-covered dicks together and kisses Brody, telling him he's been waiting a while for that one. It pays to know what you want!

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Duration: 16:13
Video: 960x540, AVC (H.264), 2037kbps
Audio: 123kbps

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