Cory Chase – My Escort friend Takes My Virginity

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Release Year: 2019
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Terrified, Brick is ready to lose his virginity. He's been dumped by a girl who was waiting until marriage and now he's 18 and still a virgin. His friends tell him to hire an escort and lose his L card once and for all. His eyes go wide in shock as he see's his friend on a escort site as he browses for a hookup. She didn't even change her name! With no options a plan forms in his mind, blackmail his friend into taking his virginity.
Cory loves that she doesn't have to work. For a couple hours of her time she makes as much as most people for the whole week. She's on her escort site when her boy knocks at her door. “What are you doing in my room, get out” she yells at him. She hates her annoying younger boy and can't believe they're even related. He tries to blackmail her with her escort business but she suggests something else. “Pay my full rate and I will give you the escort experience. Now get out.” She says. He leaves more nervous and confused than when he entered.
Later that night Brick is on the bed waiting for his friend, his heart beating out of his chest. She walks into the room, beautiful in full makeup and heels. “Remember I'm not your friend” She tells him. “You're going to do exactly what I say” Cory smiles and controls the situation. Her boy paid good money and Cory is going to give him the experience of a lifetime.

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