Clearly Constrained

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Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

I was getting ready to shoot some videos for my website and had everything set up, the lights, ropes, props, etc. But I forgot just one my landlord is coming to do his annual inspection! He has no idea that I film bondage in my apartment, so when he walks in and sees all the equipment, he is very confused. I didnt hear him come in, and walk out of the bedroom in my sexy dress and heels, initially shocked to see him. He begins questioning me about what is going on, as I embarrassingly try to pick up the ropes and explain. I tell him that I do this to make a living, its how I can afford to pay the rent. At first he seems very upset that I didnt clear this with him, but then reveals to me that he enjoys bondage too and has a proposal for me. He gives me two choices, either I can make a special video for him and he will renew my lease, or if I refuse, he will evict me. I tell him I dont think its appropriate, but I can tell he really isnt kidding. Fine, what do you want, to tie me up? I say as I think to myself since Ive done this before, whatever it is cant be that bad. Then he tells me he actually isnt into the rope stuff, and has something else in mind. Im confused and unsure what he means, but go along with it to just get it over with..

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