Cheyenne got the call the night before

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Release Year: 2022
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Cheyenne got the call the night before the shoot...we needed a quick fil in and she is always a good candidate...She got straight to bed, since she was 4 hours away by car, she started driving at 10am, got to the studio at 2pm and we got right into shooting...To answer the call to submission and my perverted plots, pleased me...I tie her up, Dom her around the room with a motivational cane...I just enjoy my time with her...rigged up by the collar, I pull her feet up behind her in a kneeling hogtie...then a single tail through her still bites very well...In the second scene we frogtie each leg, position her against a wall, pull her hands over head, then use 10 pound weights to keep preasure on the spread knees...Cheyenne is tough...she endures it well...I clamp her nipples and labia and give her a chance for pleasure...sometimes pain and pleasure just dont work...the clamps on her nipples were more than just a distraction...onto her back with her ass in the air, I plug her ass and whip her...a larger plug and she can't hold it in through the strokes...a bit annoyed, I gag her with a wad of cloth and tape...I fill her ass with milk...a bit more than a half gallon...Cheyenne feels the preasure in her abdomen and can't hold it at all...I cane her through the expulsion...Then I must say goodbay to Cheyenne to make a meeting...but I leave her with Bane...Bane ropes her down, rigs her with a weighted crotch rope and gives her the goat milker test...many models have folded...Cheyenne stays strong through sincere struggles...Bane pleasures her and gives Cheyenne her only reward for the well appreciated orgasm...This is Cheyenne's 3rd visit to SocietySM and it just keeps getting better...Ogre...

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