Bound to a spanking bench for Jack

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Release Year: 2020

Hairy stud Guy is a very tempting sight cuffed and tied to a spanking bench wearing only his jock strap and his tight arsehole on show. The most he can do to try to escape the pervy man's probing finger is wiggle his arse which only turns on his captor more. His big muscular hairy butt cheeks are ripe for a caning. Each sharp lash elicits a frustrated groan from the athletic fella and makes him thrash around against his binds. His smug expression blazes into a look of angry rage as he can do nothing to prevent the relentless attack to his bare bottom. A bucket is placed beneath him and he's instructed to release a long stream of urine into it as if he were no more than kept live stock.

Dave wants to test what a tough man Guy really is. Bound naked with his arms and legs spread he receives a series of hard-fisted punches to his hairy torso until the masculine fella is reeling. Next Dave wields a flogger to stripe his back and muscular butt red. Exhausted from being so harshly dealt with, Guy can only be humbly grateful when Adrian greedily strokes his cock and fondles his big dangling balls. After such an intense round of pain, Guy is overcome with the pleasurable release of spilling his sperm all over the filthy locker room floor.

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