Ava Minx & Raven Eve – The Stockholm Serum – Part 2

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Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

In Part 1 of our story, beautiful scientist Ava Minx had been subdued by a sexy black haired operative intent on stealing the mind bending aphrodisiac Ava had developed. Despite her orders, Raven the helpless scientist and once the serum had taken effect, she subjected her lust crazed to an intense session of bondage and orgasms until the buxom blonde had hopelessly imprinted on Raven, willing to do anything as long as her lust would be stoked. Unfortunately for Raven, her employer arrived, and furious to learn his orders had been disobeyed, he overpowers the disobedient operative. Now, in Part 2, Raven awakens to find herself bound to a chair, her tits exposed and ball gag filling her mouth. Her disorientation is broken by the sounds of Ava, moaning helplessly and lustfully in the hands of the big boss as he fondles her nude body. The body harness she wears keeps her nicely secured, and the leather strap riding up into her pussy is driving her mad with desire. Once the big boss notices that Raven is coherent, he quickly injects her with the remaining dose of the serum!! Raven struggles like mad, knowing that with every passing second she will be one step further down the path toward becoming a subservient helpless love slave with no cure and no will of her own! Mr. Big explains that she's going to spend the rest of her life in an asylum, used as a sex toy for any and all who want the privilege! Leaving the two bound beauties alone, Mr. Big Boss leaves to make arrangements for the transport of the two girls. Ava, still imprinted upon Raven, inches closer and closer to the bound operative, and using her feet, she begins to fondle Raven's body slowly and sensually. The feeling is driving Raven mad and pushing her ever further down the road to mindless fuck doll, as she moans, trembles and quivers with each touch. Ava keeps grinding at the leather strap buried between her legs, and the room is filled with the sounds of two helpless women building to an series of powerful orgasms! When Ava plants her feet deep in Raven's crotch and begins massaging her sex with her toes, Raven loses it completely, screaming into her ball gag, drooling over her tits, lost forever in her new role!.

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