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Release Year: 2019

Kaitlyn Siragusa (aka Amouranth) is a costume designer, model, character entertainer, and entrepreneur based in Houston, TX. She began her cosplay journey as a self-taught costumer in 2010. Eventually she was discovered by the Houston Grand Opera and Houston Ballet and employed in their costuming departments. She started attending conventions to combine her love of art and all things geek. Since then she's learned to work with a variety of crafting materials, including leather, worbla, resin, and even winds her own chainmail on a homemade mandrel. She welcomes challenging designs with open arms and is not afraid to dive into completely new territory when it comes to expanding her craft.

The videos are her hanging out with on patron exclusive streams playing games in varying amounts of clothing, her in costume role-playing in more sort of traditional "studio" settings her bits, and ASMR videos where she isn't wearing much and uses random objects (like a dragon dildo) to rub on those ear things creators often have in ASMR videos.

Unfortunately she doesn't have any nude stuff but she does mess around with some bad dragon dildos in vids and ASMR. No penetration but she strokes them and rubs them in your ears for ASMR.

Total size: 22.6 GB in 50 files.

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