Adara the Punished Thief – Part 1

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Release Year: 2020
Genres: Blondes, leash, neckroped, nipple clamps, outdoors, Over shoulder carry, sneakers
Video language: English

Adara has a bad habit that costs most a lot of money, but she is a skilled thief. When you steal from criminals they can't call the cops and she knows this. Unfortunately for her, this time she is caught and also she is caught on video. She is sneaking around the compound when I subdue and carry her to a dirty old pen where animals were once kept. Her wrists and ankles are bound, and a chain is padlocked around her neck and then locked to a post. She is groped and positioned before being left on the filthy floor of the pen. I return and place my foot on her head and explain to her what her options are. There are only 2, and she agrees to the only real option. I use the chain around her neck as a leash as I pull on it to help her up. She will be move inside, but her feet are bound. She will have to hop or be dragged by her neck... she chooses to hop. I clamp her nipples with cowbells hanging off of them. I tell her that if she can get them off then I won't put those clamps back on. Impressively she swings her upper body enough to get them to fly off. It is a long way to the outbuilding and she tires quickly. I have to occasionally smack her ass to keep her moving. Once we are close. I grab a handful of her hair to help her along until we are inside. This is where Part 1 ends.

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