You are not stuffing panties in my mouthmmmmph!

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Release Year: 2019
Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

Hannah was doing a friend of her a favor by baby sitting for her. She thought it would be some easy money. That was until they over powered her, tied her up and gagged her. Somehow she got her hands free and was able to remove the gag. She then got on her phone to call her friend. Unfortunately, she was only able to reach her voice mail. She told the friend what was going on and demanded she return home. As she waited for her friend to call back, Hannah started working at untying herself. She didn't get to far before she was jumped again. This time they tied her much tighter with her hands behind her back. They also gagged her again by stuffing and taping panties in her mouth. Now even if their mom did call back, there was no way Hannah could get to the phone. Now with the baby sitter struggling bound and gagged, these guys could anything they wanted. They knew mom never checked her voicemail. Maybe they would order a pizza or two, or three and invite some friends over. Finally to make things more interesting, they hogtied Hannah. They also pulled her skirt up and her bra down so they could watch her big tits bounce around as she struggled to get loose.

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Duration: 15:16
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