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Release Year: 2018

Amateur Straight Guys, Creator, Jay is proud to bring you Jay's Straight Guys. No solos scene

n side every straight man is a gay man yearning to be freed. Or such seems to be the case once there's money, a mouth, and a camera involved. One man knows that better than many.

On a small Arizona ranch in the middle of the desert, a man most defined to his friends and family by off-roading and camping adventures cares for his two s, five pooches, two goats and three cats that is, when hes not nurturing his truest love, his purest passion, a secret talent for finding straight men and getting them naked on camera with each other.

While many sites these days purport to carry unknown straight hottest in sexually compromising positions, Jay as hes known by his fans online, does it best. That's probably because Jay did it first, having created the amateur straight guy genre back in 2000.

After more than a decade of bringing straight guy lovers the real deal as part of the team behind the first online Amateur Straight Guys web site, Jay is now going solo (no pun intended), for the first time launching his solely owned and operated web site, JaysStraightGuy.

I decided to launch my own site so I could have complete artistic control over my videos, says Jay. It remains my goal to bring the hottest straight guys to our fans on the Internet in a way that makes the viewer feel like a real voyeur, getting to see a tape that looks like it should be hidden in someones closet.

Of course by the time Jay is done with them, the boys are far from straight. What may seem initially like the most unobtainable of straight men need only experience the rapture of another guys mouth and the coaxing of a few extra dollars to decide for himself that hell go all the way. The ones who can truly perform up to par are usually brought back for more, becoming stars of the site in an accidental oxymoron of amateur celebrity.

Besides launching with several dozen hours of content, JaysStraightGuys will also offer two new scenes per week, plus a fun section that will contain candid clips and behind the scenes footage. The site also features a full message board and blog, as well as a chat room where fans can interact with each other and from time to time, Jay himself.

Total size: 3.6 GB in 15 files.

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