Elder Brier – Blind Faith

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Known for his rebellious behavior and appearance, Elder Brier has quickly become one of the most sought-after boys in themission. The brethren rarely find themselves talking so much about any one particular missionary, but somehow Brier’s attitude has stirred an unprecedented amount of conversation about him. Maybe it is because each of the men of The Order wants to be the one to break the boy, to make him bend to their will and give up his subversive act. Either way, the priesthood has had an eager eye set on Brier, and today the boy is set to face one of the most challenging tasks in his steps towards The Order.

He is shown into a dark room with a red blindfold and instructed to kneel. He is in the care of President Lee, who has been a constant source of fantasy for the boy since the first time he set eyes on the man’s rippling muscles. When he was young, Brier had an action figure who he would secretly dream of having sex with.

Having President Lee’s body close to him reminds him of this fantasy, and it doesn’t take long for his thick cock to rise.

President Lee runs his hands over the boy’s skin. He wants to him before diving in and experiencing the boy’s body. The blindfold only serves to build the anticipation, and Brier is left yearning for the man’s dick. He can hardly wait for Lee to grab him and take control of the situation. It may be a secret to the men of the priesthood and his fellow missionaries, but Brier craves a firm hand to lead him. Lee seems more than capable of being that guiding light. In fact, there is no man Brier would trust more.

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