Don’t Mess With A Mob Operation

Written by Admin on April 22, 2019. Posted in BDSM

Release Year: 2019
Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

I've been running a lucrative chop shop for the mob since 1990 and things are going very, very well for the mob and for me. I operate under the guise of an autobody shop and have chopped tens of thousands of cars without a hitch. A few weeks ago rich blonde Jeannie Blaze brought in her gorgeous S series Mercedes and I made a ton of money on the parts. Unfortunately she keeps coming around asking if her car is done and today she confronts me with an attitude threatening to call the cops. I pull my g on her and the uppity bitch up against the wall. I quickly rope up her arms behind her back and then shove her down onto her knees. She gets up and tries to escape, but I stop her at the door and shove her down again. I pull out her huge big tits and grope them before putting the MILF in a nice tight chest harness. The dumb blonde keeps running her mouth threatening the to scream and she starts getting fiesty. She struggles and tries to grab my rope to prevent me from adding more bondage. Jeannie makes futile attempts to punch me with her unbound hands and I laugh. I am determined to get her all tied up and she kicks and struggles like a bull trying to get up again but I push her down and then I straddle her legs to rope up her ankles. The little MILF is stronger than she looks and I threaten to call my back up crew. I smack her ass a few times to settle her down, but she is determined to make this as difficult as possible. You shouldn't have messed with a mob operation darlin. You'll be in the land fill tonight with the unusable parts of your precious Mercedes. I finally hogtie the bitch and she calms down slightly and becomes more compliant. I add a crotch rope to her bondage burying the rope deeply into her pussy. I tire of her spewing from the mouth so I peel down my silk panties and them into her big damn mouth. The blonde brat spits them out and I push them deeper inside her mouth this time and wrap her head with elastic bandage. Jeannie fights and tries to bite me so I continue wrapping the elastic around her head and up around her eyes in a tight blindfold. Finally she is subdued and sobs into her gag. I straddle her bound body and off I go leaving the rich bitch helplessly bound, gagged and blindfolded crying like a baby..

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Duration: 13:47
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